Reflecting on 2018

This past year has literally been life changing. I've made some very hard decisions that have impacted myself and my family. I made the choice to move towards happiness, no matter how hard it was, and I have zero regrets nearly one year later. This past year I ran A LOT, both for fun and … Continue reading Reflecting on 2018


Podcast Review

I know I've posted about the Run This World podcast before, but it's so good I can't help but share episodes here and there. This particular episode featuring Jill Angie is really incredible. I listened to it during my morning run and honestly it was so uplifting and inspirational that it took my mind off … Continue reading Podcast Review

Slow and Steady

Sometimes you head out of the gates ready to pound pavement and squeeze in as many miles as possible in that 30 minute window you have between the time the boys head to summer camp and the last possible moment you have to fit in a shower and head to work.  Occasionally you succeed and … Continue reading Slow and Steady

Back at it

  After a little over a week of a strange head cold with the addition of an allergic reaction to a medication, I finally found myself back in my Hokas again ready to pound pavement.  It's funny how your mind can come up with a hundred reasons why you can't run, but the moment you … Continue reading Back at it

Then and Now

Just for curiosity sake, I figured I would compare. Picture on the left is from Ragnar last September. Picture on the right is from a week ago or so. The me on the right looks happier, fitter, more confident. I've worked hard to come this far. No looking back now. In about two weeks I … Continue reading Then and Now

Running = Therapy

Why do you run? So many times I've been asked this question. So many times I see it posted in running groups on social media, others inquiring about the reasons fellow pavement-pounders feel the need to lace up their shoes and sweat it out. I run for so many reasons, but mostly, they are personal. … Continue reading Running = Therapy

The Power of Yoga

For the past four to five months my world has been turned upside down.  It has been happy and sad, painful and comfortable, exciting and scary.  It has been a roller coaster of emotions.  I've recently been back through a few of my blog posts and settled on the January 2nd entry about resolutions.  I've … Continue reading The Power of Yoga

Finding a New Challenge

It seems I've been living on autopilot these past few years. Anyone else feeling the same? I get through the day only to realize I barely remember anything that happened. There is zero recollection of a memorable instance. Nothing to reflect upon, laugh about, get angry or sad over. Nothing. It's all just nothing. Blah. … Continue reading Finding a New Challenge

Own it

As I began my workout on the treadmill today, I realize that my usual two or three minute walking warm-up had turned into a ten minute walk. Here comes the self-ridicule as I tell myself to get running.  What am I doing walking?  Immediately I find myself thinking apologetic thoughts about why I chose to … Continue reading Own it

Glutton for Punishment

Last year I completed my first Adirondack Ragnar with Ainsley's Angels of America. It was grueling, it was hot, I stunk, I was sick, I was tired, I could hardly get out of the van, and I vowed to never do it again. Guess what?  I'm doing it again. Glutton for punishment?  Probably.  I'm pretty … Continue reading Glutton for Punishment

Podcast: Nicole DeBoom

If you've never listened to a podcast, I seriously recommend Nicole DeBoom's Run This World podcast. Even if you're not a runner or an athlete of any kind, all of her podcasts are about real people overcoming something in their lives. I think by far my favorite podcast was her interview with Cat Bradley (oddly … Continue reading Podcast: Nicole DeBoom

Happy New Year

The new year is here. Time for resolutions, right? I'm not so sure my ideas for this year are resolutions, per say, but more like goals.  I have things I want to accomplish, things I want to do, ideas about a person I want to become.  I don't have a particular number of pounds I … Continue reading Happy New Year

Officially a Ragnarian

Well, it's over. After at least 36 hours, I finally crossed the giant orange adorned finish line in Lake Placid just one week ago. I crossed in both pain and satisfaction, knowing that twelve weeks of training paid off. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning. First of all, Thursday morning … Continue reading Officially a Ragnarian

Two days ’til Ragnar

Two days.  Eeeeep!  Thursday night I meet my team for the first time at check-in.  Friday morning I embark on a journey in a van with five total strangers.  I can do this! This week I've been taking it sort of easy.  Heel spur pain is leaving me unsure of how much pain I'll be … Continue reading Two days ’til Ragnar

9 Days and Counting

The Adirondack Ragnar is fast approaching.  Just 9 days until I partake in my very first Ragnar.  I'm nervous.  I'm uncertain.  I'm a planner, I like to know what's going on and when.  I can't plan this event or this trip, it's in someone else's hands.  I know what time to show up, and then … Continue reading 9 Days and Counting

100 Rep Challenge: Russian Twists

Another day of reps with Russian Twists. Do them with feet elevated or on the floor. Med ball or no weight. 50 on each side or 100 on each side, you pick. Also, additional core workouts. #notjustamomoftwins #challengemet #fitmom #exercise #core #100reps

100 Rep Challenge: Pushups

The challenge continues. Yesterday I challenged myself and friends to 100 reps of pushups, anyway you can do them. The playground served as my gym while the kids played. What's your excuse? #challengeyourself #Playgroundworkout #fitmama #strong #dedicated

100 Rep Challenge

Awhile back I challenged a friend and family member to 100 reps of a single exercise everyday. It keeps things interesting, and I'm curious enough about how my body will respond to different types of fitness. Since starting this 12 week training plan for Ragnar, my body misses heavy lifting. This is my compromise until … Continue reading 100 Rep Challenge

Small Town Fame?

Small town fame.  Naw.  Not really.  Two weeks ago I received a message on Facebook.  The Whitehall Times wanted to interview me about an upcoming race where I was rumored to run in full firefighter gear.  I was skeptical at first.  Was the article really about me?  What kinds of questions would they ask?  Then, … Continue reading Small Town Fame?

Long and Slow

This past Sunday called for a long, slow run. I looked forward to it. As much as I dread following any sort of program or training schedule, I'll admit that they yield success and improvement. I ran all 7 miles and actually felt good. The gentle rolling hills hardly felt like hills at all. The … Continue reading Long and Slow